Book Adventure – Kim’s Bookshop Arundel (Bookmas #10)

I headed down to the South coast earlier this week to visit some family (as it is Christmas-time) but of course I couldn’t do this without stopping in at a few bookshops! Firstly we stopped at Kim’s Bookshop in Arundel on the way which is a gorgeous independent bookshop which stocks an absolutely huge variety of books! It stocks everything from old, antique, rare books to non-fiction on every fathomable topic to modern fiction and classics.

Whilst spending far too long scouring the shelves I came across a couple of good finds! I got one copy of ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck and a gorgeous book called ‘The Raven Girl’ by Audrey Niffenegger which is illustrated and I also discovered it was written as the story for a new ballet, which I find fascinating! Oh and it was signed which is always an added bonus.

Also whilstย  in Worthing (where my family live) I had a look at the local charity shops and got a pretty good haul! I got:

  • ‘Flawed’ – Ceclia Ahern
  • ‘Alloy of Law’ – Brandon Sanderson
  • ‘War Horse’ – Michael Morpurgo
  • ‘Tempted’ and ‘Untamed’ – P.C and Kristen Cast
  • ‘Solar Bones’ – Mike Mccormack
  • ‘Of Mice and Men’ – John Steinbeck

So overall it was a really fun weekend and a great opportunity to visit some different bookshops! I always find it particularly interesting how charity shops in different areas have a very different selection, as was shown quite clearly when looking at the local charity shops in Worthing versus where I live.

– Maddie Browse

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