‘Six of Crows’ Duology – Leigh Bardugo

Rating: 5 stars

I absolutely adored this series! I was almost certain that I would even before starting it as I loved Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy and most people say this duology is even better so there was no reason I wouldn’t like it! I am not sure whether I preferred this or the Grisha Trilogy, they both had certain aspects going for them, but either way, I loved this series!

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Six of Crows

This was an amazing opening book in the series and I loved how the different areas of a world I was already familiar with were introduced. It could have become repetitive or boring as it was set in the same world by Leigh Bardugo made it just as interesting as discovering the world for the first time! I really do love the Grisha world and I was so so glad that Leigh Bardugo wrote another series set in this fantastic world.

One of my favourite aspects of this series was the characters! Every single character was so so fascinating, especially because none of them were “good” or “bad”, they were all morally grey and such an interesting range of personalities and experiences and so the dynamic of the group was amazing! Combining this with the situation they were in and, obviously, their extremely varied reactions to this it just created an amazing atmosphere of tension throughout the whole book which really added to the continuing plot.

Another aspect I adored is how slowly the plot progressed! It didn’t feel slow in a way that made the story drag, but it meant that every little detail could be discussed which I loved! In lots of similar novels where there is a big plan they completely skirt over the details of the plan until it is happening and you’re just meant to assume it would all work out which frustrates me as a logical thinking, detail-orientated person.

Crooked Kingdom

Unsurprisingly, I also loved this book! I didn’t enjoy it as much as ‘Six of Crows’ but that was possibly down to the situation I read it in more than the book itself! I got very busy whilst reading this book and so read it spread out over a month! This meant I didn’t get as invested in the story and so didn’t enjoy it as much. I would definitely like to re-read this book when I am in a situation to read both books in quick succession and become fully immersed in the story.

However, I thought how the plot continued in this book was done amazingly, it was so intricate that I almost lost track at points, but again this may have been due to the situation in which I read the book! I did love how complex it was though, it kept me guessing right until the end, I could never see what their next step would be!

I also loved the character development in this book! Especially Wylan and the relationship between Nina and Matthias! Wylan was a really fascinating character because of his contrast to all of the other characters and I loved him so much. But he also developed most across the two books which was really interesting to see!

Another aspect that has to be mentioned is Leigh Bardugo’s beautiful writing! I marked so many gorgeous passages whilst reading these books, they were just enchanting! I cannot wait to read more of her work in future, even if just for the amazing writing!

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Overall, as expected, I adored these books and will definitely be re-reading them at some point in the future! Also I was thrilled to find out just a week ago that Leigh Bardugo is working on another series set in the Grisha world! It centres around Nikolai Lantsov (who I love) and I am so so excited, even though it isn’t being released until Winter 2019! But anyway, I would recommend anyone who enjoys either fantasy or character-driven stories to read this duology! It is amazing!

– Maddie Browse

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