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As I am a massive Taylor Swift fan I thought it would be fun to do a tag about her new (although not that new anymore) album Reputation! So here is the Reputation book tag! I saw this on Missemmareadsalot’s channel on YouTube and I’m not sure who created it but credit to them nonetheless!

Are You Ready For It?: What is a book that you are super excited to read?

I am extremely excited to get to ‘History Is All You Left Me’ by Adam Silvera! I have a signed copy on its way over from America and I expect I will be reading it almost as soon as it arrives! I’ve loved both of his other books so cannot wait to get to this one as I think it will be just as good!

End Game: What are some of your OTPs?

I am an absolute sucker for romance, so my list of OTPs is ridiculously long, so I will just mention a few here! One is definitely Ari and Dante from ‘Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe’, with regard to both their friendship and their relationship. Another is Cath and Levi from ‘Fangirl’ and also Celia and Marco from ‘The Night Circus’. Another recent addition is Karou and Akiva from ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bone’, however, I have only read the first book in this trilogy so far so I don’t know what will happen as the series progresses! We shall see!

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I Did Something Bad: Name a book with morally grey characters.

I think a good example of this is the ‘Six of Crows’ Duology by Leigh Bardugo. Almost every single character in these books are either morally grey from the outset or become so as the story continues! It is truly fascinating to read about and added so much to the book!

Don’t Blame Me: What is a book that you recommend to everyone?

‘They Both Die and the End’ by Adam Silvera (can you tell that I love his books?). I would recommend this because as well as being an adorable story of romance and companionship it also presents a fascinating psychological issue with the idea of Death Cast which I think made the book even more of a thought-provoking read! You can read my full review of They Both Die at the End’ here.

Delicate: What is a book that you will never loan to anyone?

I pretty much never loan my books to anyone! I am extremely protective of them and they have to stay in pristine condition! The one exception to this is my Mum, she knows what I am like and so I trust her to take care of the books! But the one book I would never loan out is my Signed First Edition of ‘Turtles All The Way Down’ by John Green! I managed to get this shipped over from America by a family member and so it is very precious to me!

Look What You Made Me Do: What is the book that got you into reading?

‘Before I Fall’ by Lauren Oliver. When I was very young I used to read a lot and then stopped for a few years until one Christmas I was given ‘Before I Fall’ which absolutely captivated me and I’ve been a reader ever since (even though I did have a few years hiatus from reading when my life was extremely busy!)

So It Goes: What is a book that sucked you into a particular author or series?

For this I would have to go with the ‘Shiver’ Trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater. I read this trilogy many years ago and since I have read all of Maggie Stiefvater’s YA books and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future! She is an auto-buy author for me as I love everything she has written and I don’t think that will change anytime soon!

Gorgeous: Name a book with a beautiful cover.

‘More Happy Than Not’ by Adam Silvera (and I mentioned all of his books in one tag… Oops!). I am an absolute sucker for a rainbow and so unsurprisingly I find this cover extremely beautiful and I even colour coordinated my bookmark with it when I read it! I had to continue the aesthetic!

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Getaway Car: What is a book that you’ve read that has crime involved in some aspect?

I couldn’t answer this one with anything other than the ‘Six of Crows’ Duology! It is a duology solely about gangs and heists and everything surrounding that, so the focus is almost completely on crime, and it was fantastic! My full review of this duology can be found here.

King Of My Heart: Who is your book boyfriend/girlfriend?

I don’t really have an answer for this, I prefer to ship characters with each other than with myself! However if you were to ask my 14-year-old self this question my answer would have been Tobias/Four from ‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth, there’s no denying that!

Dancing With Our Hands Tied: What is a book that made you want to dance around when you finished it?

‘Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe’ by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. I won’t say any more than that. Just read it and you will see what I mean.

Dress: Name a character that you want to swap wardrobes with.

This isn’t very imaginative, but Katniss from ‘The Hunger Games’! I could have Cinna as my personal stylist and would get transforming dresses! As well as some extremely functional and stylish hunting gear! That sounds like a dream!

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: What is a problematic book you have read?

‘Eliza and Her Monsters’ by Francesca Zappia. I really did enjoy this book but it also felt like Eliza was socially awkward but then used that as an excuse to not even try and talk to people and made herself miserable! I think this was possibly meant to be social anxiety representation but if so I think it was shown in a negative light instead of explaining the problem! Anyway, a full review of this book will be coming soon, so look out for that!

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Call I What You Want: What is a book that you wish you could change the title to?

My answer for this is definitely ‘Allegiant’, the finale of the ‘Divergent’ Trilogy! The first two books had titles that made sense together and then the third book broke this pattern which really frustrates me to this day! It is also a terrible conclusion to the series, but that is another issue altogether!

New Year’s Day: What book gave you a fresh outlook on life?

‘They Both Die and the End’ by Adam Silvera (why not one more mention of Adam Silvera, no point trying to redeem it now!). This book really got me thinking and did impress upon me to live every day as it could be my last! Obviously not as much as Mateo and Rufus who knew that it was their final day, but at least to not turn down opportunities as they arise!

That is it for this tag! This was a lot of fun and now I just want to listen to this album again!

– Maddie Browse

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