Wayward Children Series – Seanan McGuire

I adore this series! It is as simple as that, I love it! I had heard of the first book in this series quite a while ago but only realised it was a series more recently and as soon as I did I ordered all three books which have currently been released! I read all three of these books back to back and I really wish there were more already available to read!

The stories revolve around the concept that children can sometimes find doorways that lead to other worlds but when they return to our world obviously nobody believes the stories they tell. Many of these children are sent to Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children, where everyone is aware of the other worlds, they are trying to map them and discover more about them, and here the children can wait to see if their door will open for them again!

I think my favourite part of these books was the length! I was very intrigued with how a fantasy book could be so short! Most fantasy books I have read are a minimum of 350-400 pages and many are 500-700 pages, much more than the approximately 170-180 pages of these books! Having read these books I was amazed by how in such a short space Seanan McGuire managed to completely create so many new worlds and it did not feel like any aspect was lacking! I think this is extremely skilful and really attests to Seanan McGuire’s writing!

I am also very excited to hear that there will be at least another four or five books released in this series! I cannot wait to read them all, though if they continue to be released once a year then I am really going to struggle to wait that long!

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Every Heart a Doorway

This book sucked me in right from the beginning, both in terms of story and writing! Obviously these books are based on a very interesting concept but I was also absolutely enchanted by how everything was executed, and I am so glad that the writing and plot lived up to the concept for the series. This book introduced the world and ideas surrounding it amazingly and also had a really gripping plot of its own!

I raced through this book and couldn’t wait to get onto the next one, so that is exactly what I did!

Down Among the Sticks and Bones

Of the three books which have been released so far, this was my favourite! I think this is because I particularly liked the world that it focussed on as well as both Jack and Jill and their relationship. I loved that in this book we got to explore one specific world in a lot of depth and really see the development of some of the characters we met in the first book, and how they got to be where they are.

I am hoping in some of the future books we will get to explore other contrasting worlds in as much detail as this because I found it truly fascinating!

Beneath the Sugar Sky

This was an interesting story because we saw a very different side of the worlds through the doors, which added a whole new aspect about cause and effect of people travelling to these other worlds. I also enjoyed how a lot of the characters from the first book were featured in this book and we got to learn more about them! I especially enjoyed reading about Kade and hope his character continues to develop in later books.


I am so excited for the rest of the books to be released in this series, and am particularly hoping that we get a book detailing Kade’s backstory as I am so intrigued to find out more specifically what he went through. This actually links to another amazing aspect of this series which is the representation and diversity of characters! I don’t tend to read books specifically for diverse characters but I also think it is fantastic when the cast is extremely diverse and yet never commented on, as that is how our world should be!

So overall, I love this series and would recommend it to anyone who loves learning about other worlds and would just like to read something that feels truly magical!

– Maddie Browse

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