#25in5 Readathon 2018 – Wrap-Up

This readathon ran from August 9th-13th and has a very simple premise, read for 25 hours across 5 days. I love this readathon because there is no restriction of which books you read or how many books, just an aim of reading for a lot of time! This was my first ever readathon I’ve taken part in and I had so much fun doing it and am so proud of how I did!


There are not a whole lot of aims for this readathon, it is basically just to read as much as possible, but there were a couple of things I was really hoping to achieve!

  1. Read for a total of 25 hours across the 5 days (the goal of the readathon)
  2. Read 5 books in the 5 days
  3. Read over 2000 pages total (almost certainly won’t happen but it might happen!)

Day 1

For the first day I decided to start with a short and easy book so that I would complete it and then feel very motivated to carry on! So I started with A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. This was a wonderful little book and I was absolutely bawling by the end of it, which is something that happens extremely rarely when I am reading! I managed to get this read in about 1hr 30mins so had a lot of the day left to get on with my next read!

The next book I had lined up was I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman. I was really in the mood for a fluffy, fun contemporary and this definitely fit the bill! I enjoyed this so much and actually managed to read it in exactly 3hrs 39mins meaning I finished two books in the first day! I was super proud of this and it really set me up for the rest of the readathon.

TIME READ: 5hrs 9mins

Day 2

A book arrived on Day 1 from an ARC swap I had taken part in, so of course my TBR got abandoned and I just wanted to read the new book! Realistically I didn’t have a TBR chosen before starting anyway, so it didn’t make much difference! The book was Broken Things by Lauren Oliver, and as Lauren Oliver is one of my favourite authors I was so excited to have this book! I spent pretty much the whole day reading this book but did manage to complete it and I really loved every second of it. It was a fascinating read and quite different from many things I have read before. It completely lived up to my love of Lauren Oliver and I am just so happy that I got to read it!

It was pretty much the end of the day by this point so I didn’t read anything else but the fact that I had read three books in the first two days was a pretty good achievement by my standards.

TIME READ: 4hrs 35mins


Day 3

This day was a bit confusing in terms of how productive I was! From about 10am until 2pm all I did was sit on a sofa and “read” and yet somehow only recorded about 1hr 15mins of reading time… I still don’t know where all of that time went but either way I managed to make it up later in the day!

The book I started with on Day 3 was The Monsters We Deserve by Marcus Sedgewick which is an eerie almost essay or assessment of monsters both in literature and our own minds. This is so completely different to what I normally read but I actually really enjoyed it, and there were so so many amazing quotes in it which was awesome! I ended up finishing this book around 3pm but had still only logged 2 hours of reading time!

Next I picked up Scythe by Neal Shusterman which was my fifth book of the readathon so it was looking really promising for me finishing five books in five days like I wanted to as I still had more that two days to read it. By the end of the day I had made it to page 264 of Scythe, so over halfway through, and in total had read enough that I was completely up to date on my reading time which I was so incredibly proud of!

TIME READ: 5hrs 25mins

Day 4

Now, this is where the readathon didn’t go quite to plan! I had to spend this whole day travelling across the country and moving furniture from one house to another (this is because I am moving house for the next academic year at University) so I was out of the house from 8am until about 9pm, and when I finally got home I was exhausted! As a result I only did a tiny bit of reading in the evening and didn’t even bother timing it as I knew there was no way I was going to make the goal of 25 hours at this point!


Day 5

The final day! By this point I had totally given up on reading for 25 hours in total, it wasn’t realistic at all by this point! But, I was still extremely determined to reach my goal of finshing five books in five days, and so I did! I probably read for about 3 hours in total this day and managed to finish Scythe meaning I did it!! I was so happy even though I kinda failed the readathon but to me it was still a huge achievement!

TIME READ: ~3hrs


So, let’s run through my original aims and see how I did:

1. Read for a total of 25 hours across the 5 days
So I didn’t achieve this. In total I think I read for about 18 hours, which is still way more than I normally would, but still not as much as I originally set out to do!

2. Read 5 books in 5 days
I did this! I never actually thought I would manage this, and yes I chose some slightly shorter books to make it a little easier, but either way I did it and I am so proud! This has also made a massive dent in my TBR which has made me so happy! I have been a little stressed lately about how huge my TBR is so getting 5 books crossed off it quickly was awesome!

3. Read over 2000 pages total
This was extremely ambitious, as this would require all the books to be over 400 pages, but in the end I wasn’t too far off! I read 1719 pages which is more than I have read in some months and I did it in five days so overall I am super happy with that! Always good to aim high though!

So that about sums up this readathon! It was so much fun and I would love to take part again in future if it ever falls in a holiday again (I can’t during my term time as I have far too much to do to fit in 5 hours every day!) But overall I am so happy with everything I acheived, and also it has given me so much motivation to keep reading lots which is just amazing!

Also there will be reviews coming of all of these books in the near future so look out for those!

– Maddie Browse

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