2019 Reading Goals

As you saw from my last post (found here) I didn’t do too badly with my 2018 goals, I smashed my Goodreads goal, I read a lot of amazing books, but now it is time to look to the New Year and make some new goals!

Firstly, the simplest goal, the Goodreads Reading Challenge! I set my goal this year to 60 books, which is higher than my goal from last year but lower than what I achieved, so I am really hoping I should be able to achieve this pretty easily. I do have another number in mind that I would like to hit either this year or someday in the future, but I doubt that will ever happen so I am keeping it to myself.

Next up I have quite a few series which I am absolutely dying to read! I may not get to them all this year but I thought I would list them here anyway in the hope that I have time to read them all!

  • A Darker Shade of Magic – V.E. Schwab
  • Nevernight – Jay Kristoff
  • The Bone Season – Samantha Shannon
  • Mistborn – Brandon Sanderson
  • The Remnant Chronicles – Mary E. Pearson
  • Renegades – Marissa Meyer
  • Windwitch – Susan Dennard

There are a lot of other series I still need to catch up on as well but these are very much my top priority! I would like to read all of these series to completion this year, or at least until I am up to date with the current releases, not sure I will manage but I am going to give it a good shot!

Another aspect this year is keeping on top of any ARCs I receive. I am very lucky to get some amazing ARCs from publishers, but it does add to the pressure of reading a little bit as I have to read books according to a deadline, but it should be attainable to keep up with them all. Obviously I cannot predict how many ARCs I will receive but I am hoping that I will be able to read a lot of backlist books and new releases as well, I will be really trying to not just read ARCs as I have so many other books I want to read this year!

With regard to other books I want to read this year, I really want to try and keep up to date with as many series as possible! I have read a lot of first and second books in series so as those are continued this year I am planning to try to read them as they’re released before I forget so much that I can’t continue. From what I can think of, there are 8 series I am currently in the middle of that I am planning to continue, so I think that should be possible.

My only other goal is to try and post a little more consistently both here and on Instagram but I do acknowledge that I have some very busy times and it won’t always be possible, but I can try at least!

That is about it for my 2019 goals I think, I am sure I will think of some other things along the way, but for now I think this is enough to keep me going!

– Maddie Browse

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