[ARC] ‘Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee’ – Jeff Zentner guest post


I am so excited to be bringing this post to you today, and it is definitely an exciting one! I had the opportunity to read Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee early (thank you to Andersen Press) and so today I have a review for you (more on that later), but even more excitingly I have a guest post from the author, Jeff Zentner! A huge theme of this book is films, both good and bad films and the enjoyment they can bring irrelevant of objective quality, so today I have a review written by Jeff Zentner of one of my favourite films, Love, Actually, and I will also be responding to his thoughts with my own!

So let’s get straight into it, here are Jeff’s thoughts on Love, Actually (I’m nervous!)

Love, Actually is a bad movie. I’d long suspected this even before the backlash began in an organized way, with the thinkpieces flying thick and fast every holiday season. Everyone in this movie sucks at least a little bit. Some more than others. For example, Andrew Lincoln McPlacard (I don’t know his character’s name or the name of any other character) sucks very badly because he creepshots his bud’s wife and then shows up with his armload of weird placards—praying desperately, I assume, that his bud doesn’t answer the door because: “Hey, mate, what’s with the signs? Wanna show me?”

Prime Minister Hugh Grant McJustinTrudeau sucks because finally gets the gumption to stand up to President DonaldBillClinton W. BushTrump when President BushTrump hits on the Prime Minister’s young employee more than he does. It’s comforting to know that national policy is being made on this level.

Professor Snape sucks because he’s cheating on Emma Thompson, who might be the only character who doesn’t obviously suck, but the fact that she’s in this movie makes me think they just don’t show her posting anti-vaccine memes on Facebook. She probably loved Brexit. Same with her Prime Minister brother.

Liam Neeson sucks because he let terrorists kidnap his wife and when they said they were going to kill her, he said “fine, I can’t stop you.” I’m pretty sure that’s in this movie. I don’t remember it that well. Anyway, he enables his spritely elf-son in his quest to make an embarrassing public display of love to his crush, which is why elf-son sucks. He’s the kind of guy who’s going to propose to his girlfriend at a sporting event and she’ll have to say yes so everyone won’t boo.  

Colin Firth sucks because his Portuguese is very bad and because he makes writing books look too glamorous. Martin Freeman sucks because he’s in this movie and it’s not the BBC version of The Office.

Laura Linney sucks because she’s cheating on her husband. Yeah, I know now that’s probably her brother or something. But the first time I saw it, I thought it was her husband, so she sucks. Karl sucks because even though his abs are carved from solid mahogany, so is his performance. But I do respect the writers for settling on “Karl” as the name for the movie’s sexiest male character.

Who am I forgetting? Lots of people because there are 93 characters. Oh. Bill Nighy McKeithRichards sucks because we never get to see him in a sneer-off with Alan Rickman where each says to other, “no, you twit,” with increasing levels of fervor and crispness. I know that’s not his fault but the writers’ but I don’t care.

In conclusion, I love Love, Actually. Five stars.”

Okay, so my first thoughts… this is extremely accurate and so funny! I will not deny my love for this film, but I will be the first to admit that it isn’t necessarily a masterpiece or some epic piece of art, but that does not change for me how much fun I have every single time I watch it! Are the characters clichéd? Yes! Is the plot WAY too convenient, especially at the end? YES! But these are some of the aspects I love most about the film! It is fun, and funny and endearing and honestly I will forever love this film, it may not be quality but it definitely holds a special place in my heart!



Rating: 3.75 stars

Now a quick little of Jeff Zentner’s new book, Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee! This is a really fun book that centres around two friends, Delia and Josie who have a late night local access TV show where they review old horror movies! It tells the story of how their friendship evolves and copes with different developments that occur, the most notable being the preparation for the transfer to university life!

These characters experience a lot of firsts throughout this book and it was very interesting to see how the dealt with them both individually and as a pair. This book dealt with a lot of relatively heavy issues in a very sensitive way which was great, but I did find myself only fully invested in certain parts of the story. So the storyline about Delia and her father was quite captivating, whereas the aspect regarding their TV show didn’t capture my imagination in the same way! Nothing was bad in any way I just sometimes found myself wanting to get back to a different part of the story when the focus shifted.

My only criticism of this book is the romance. Josie forms a new relationship in this book, and although it was an absolutely adorable relationship and I really enjoyed reading about it, it was also very frustrating because after being together only a few short months this very young couple were planning the rest of their lives around each other! Yes it was sweet, but also just a little too unrealistic, so instead of thinking it cute, I ended up rolling my eyes a couple of times!

Other than that though this is definitely a very fun and insightful book that covers a lot of fantastic topics, and is centred around a very original premise! I would definitely recommend it to any contemporary lovers out there!

– Maddie Browse

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