[BLOG TOUR] ‘The Hand The Eye and The Heart’ – Zoë Marriott

Today I have a great post for you, I am part of the blog tour for Zoë Marriott’s new LGBTQ Fantasy novel, The Hand The Eye and The Heart. This is such an amazing blog tour as it is incredibly creative, so I, of course, had to follow that vibe as well!


A lot of you won’t know this, but I really love journalling and calligraphy so I thought I would do a calligraphy piece with one of my favourite quotes from the book! This book had a lot of fantastic and empowering quotes throughout it so I found it really difficult to choose a favourite, but this is the one I ended up with and I love how the piece came out!


Just to tell you a little about this book, it is a retelling of the Mulan legend (which I am sure we are all slightly familiar with, thanks to Disney) but it is much darker than the version everyone knows and also includes a strong emphasis on magic. The magic in this novel was actually one of my favourite aspects, it was a very interesting concept and although it wasn’t explained in detail it fit in extremely well! I would love to know more about it but there was more than enough to build a good picture of the magic system and its impact within the story.

The characters in this book were another amazing aspect, I became quite invested in almost all of them quite easily and they all followed completely different paths which was great. My only negative aspect ***SPOILER*** was that one character was the villain role and although it was revealed right at the end of the book I had worked out who it was almost as soon as we met them! I am not sure whether this was intended to add to the intensity of everything happening but I personally would have preferred a shocking reveal! ***END SPOILER***

I would definitely recommend this book if you enjoy fantasy novels with strong characters and clever interweaving storylines, because you will get all of that and more if you read this book!

– Maddie Browse

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