[ARC] ‘Shadowscent: The Darkest Bloom’ – P.M. Freestone

This was such a fun debut fantasy novel, and I am so glad I got to read it early and now share it with all of you! I was amazed at how this book didn't read like a debut at all, and I am very excited to see what else P.M. Freestone releases in the future, both as a continuation of this series and beyond.

January Wrap-Up & February TBR

So January was definitely not the most successful reading month for me! I got into a massive slump at the beginning of the month where I picked up and then put down about 4 books before finding anything I wanted to stick with!

December Wrap-Up & January TBR

December was a great reading month!! It didn't start out too well because I was very busy at university so couldn't read too much, but in the last two weeks of the month I was able to read loads, and it has been one of my best reading months of the year.

[ARC] ‘All The Lonely People’ – David Owen

Firstly, I feel I need to say that this book has such an interesting and innovative concept, but it does require suspending your belief throughout reading this book! I do not know how to categorise this book, some combination of contemporary and sci-fi maybe? But either way it is fascinating and such an original way of representing the ideas and issues discussed in this book.

[ARC] ‘The Dark Vault’ – V. E. Schwab

So, this book took a little while to grow on me, but I can absolutely say that I ended up adoring it and falling thoroughly in love with the plot, the premise, and most specifically the characters! I am so glad to have read this book, and if it ever happens I would love to read more stories set in this world with these characters!

October Wrap-Up & November TBR

Somehow, this has actually been quite a successful reading month! As I started back at Uni this month I thought I would be very limited in how much time I would have to read, and I kind of was but I still managed to make quite a lot of time and get through quite a few books, with a grand total of 8!

[ARC] ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ – Val Emmich

Well, I think I need to start this review by saying that I have been waiting for this book for so long and I am so unbelievably excited that I finally got a chance to read it! I have been a huge fan of the musical since it first appeared on Broadway in 2016 and already own the full script and the 'behind the scenes' book which was released, so it is definitely fair to say I love this show! So, naturally, as soon as this book was announced I knew I had to read it, and I am amazed at how well it held up.

[ARC] ‘Sawkill Girls’ – Claire Legrand

This is such a dark and creepy book, and I loved every second of it! It follows a very diverse group of girls who go through some truly horrible and confusing things and quite frankly handle it amazingly! The characters were fascinating, the plot was gripping, the setting was so beautiful and atmospheric, and it was just a thoroughly amazing read.

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