[ARC] ‘The Deck of Omens’ – Christine Lynn Herman

If I am being completely honest, this book was a little bit of a disappointment. I would still definitely say that it was overall an enjoyable read, but it didn't stand out to me. When I first read The Devouring Gray last year I loved it, but found it didn't stick with me, and so I had to reread it before reading this book. The Devouring Gray wasn't quite as enjoyable on a second read as I think a lot of my enjoyment was reliant on the mystery and I already knew how it ended. This feeling carried over into my reading experience of The Deck of Omens, but as I said it was still a good and fun read as a whole.

‘The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue’ – Mackenzi Lee

An LGBT adventure romp through 18th century Europe? What is not to love!? Well I can say with the utmost confidence that in this book, there is everything to love! It is sweet and enchanting and so funny, it was one of the best reading experiences I have ever had whilst reading a book, I loved every second of it! Also I am so extraordinarily happy that I read this book when I did because I was just getting into a really bad reading slump and this book totally pulled me out of it!

[ARC] ‘XX’ – Angela Chadwick

I have some very mixed opinions about this book, but I think the overall gist of what I feel has to be that I was disappointed. The concept for this book was absolutely fascinating to me, but the execution was really lacking. I was really looking forward to this book as it really sounded like something I would enjoy, I love stories based on science, especially when the author uses this as an opportunity to enter into a philosophical or ethical debate, but sadly this opportunity was sorely missed in this book. I can see that this book could be really enjoyable for some people, but it definitely missed the mark for me personally.

[ARC] ‘This Cruel Design’ – Emily Suvada

his was a really great and interesting follow up to This Mortal Coil (review for that can be found here) and this book really didn't disappoint! I often worry with series that sequels won't live up to the first book but the opposite was true of this series! I definitely enjoyed the first book, but this follow-up was really great!

[ARC] ‘Black Wings Beating’ – Alex London

This was such a fascinating story, born from a fantastic and original premise, and I am so glad I was able to read this book as it is definitely one of the best high fantasy books I have read in a while! I had not come across Alex London prior to this book, but I am so happy I am now aware of him and his books and would definitely be interested in reading some of his other books, even just to satiate my need until the second book in this series comes out!

[ARC] ‘Sawkill Girls’ – Claire Legrand

This is such a dark and creepy book, and I loved every second of it! It follows a very diverse group of girls who go through some truly horrible and confusing things and quite frankly handle it amazingly! The characters were fascinating, the plot was gripping, the setting was so beautiful and atmospheric, and it was just a thoroughly amazing read.

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